Which methods of printing does Croft Printing provide?

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We used to offer litho printing, but litho has sort of died the death within the industry now so we nearly all of our stuff now is flexo labels, we do some digital work as well. That really all depends on the run length, digital is basically for short run, multi colour work but again it’s not always cheaper then printing it conventionally, even when you add plates in, you have to take each job on its own merit, our customers trust us to do that, they are normally quite happy for us to make the decisions on that. We do prefer conventional printing, certainly on the colour matching side because you have more control over it, we can actually mix colours that are needed. You can get artwork with the spot colour on it, but that doesn’t mean that the colours are 100% on the cartons when you get them, we tend to match to a sample rather than try to match to a pantone colour.