What’s Croft Printing’s unique selling point (USP)?

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Well we always try to work with the customers need and one thing that we will do if we say a job will be going on a date, it will go on that date come what may, we won’t ever promise a job, we will tell the customer what we can do and it will always be conservative enough that we can be absolutely 100% sure that can be done and then anything else is a bonus. We won’t over sell something, even if it costs us the job, if we don’t think we can do it in that period of time, we won’t take it on. If we say a job going to ready in 5 days or whatever, it will be ready in 5 days. They don’t have to keep coming on the phone asking is it going to be ready, obviously with new customers that’s a different story as they’ve not dealt with us but long-standing customers that we’ve had for a long time, it eases the burden on them.