Ingredients - What to do with packaging if ingredients change

What to do with food packaging when ingredients change?

Marilyn Briggs News

One of the great advantages of building a relationship with Croft Printing is the skills and experience we can bring when packaging needs to be changed or food labelling errors need to be corrected quickly and cost effectively.

We hesitate to mention the ‘C” word, but the COVID-19 Coronavirus has created panic buying of unprecedented magnitude, which may mean that some food ingredients may become in short supply and recipes may need to be amended.

This means that the packaging of some food products may need to be updated with a revised ingredients list. If this happens to your food service or food manufacturing company we wanted you to know how quickly Croft Printing can assist you to get stock back on the shelves of your retail customers and help you maintain your service agreements.

We can offer a solution whereby a self-adhesive label is applied over the incorrect ingredients panel with such precision of colour matching and overlay position that in many instances it becomes hardly visible.

These situations are exactly the reason why we introduced ‘Correctapak’, a dedicated over-labelling service which produces very high-quality labels which are then over laid onto the original packaging to show the corrected information.

The technical capabilities of our in-house printing machinery means we are able to produce just about any size, colour, shape or design of label. We also have an in-house design team who can create your over label and send you artwork for final approval and sign off.

Depending on the packaging, we may be able to machine apply, alternatively we can utilise the  accuracy of Croft’s team of over-labellers who will apply the new labels by hand to seamlessly match the original packaging.

We can also arrange the collection of the packaging that needs amending and ensure its re-delivery within the agreed timeframes.

Croft Printing has been providing this service to some of the largest names in food retail, including Asda, Co-op, M&S and Tesco, so if you have a labelling correction error that needs rectifying quickly and cost effectively please get in touch.