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Team Member Focus: Claire Litchfield

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When we are working on a customers’ project, as far as everyone at Croft is concerned, it’s personal.  We are absolutely committed to supporting our customers to achieve the results they need – fast! 

Over the coming months we’re going to help you get to know the people who make it possible for us to offer the capability to print and apply labels to packaging. Having this multi-disciplined in-house team enables us to control the whole process end to end and ensures we can guarantee to meet the timescales that have been agreed.

In this edition we interview print operative Claire Litchfield who has been at Croft Printing for 16 years. She co-ordinates label correction projects when our customers need a fast solution to their problem. This might be to ensure stock can be quickly back on shelves, because they do not want the expense of reprinting all their packaging, or due to concerns for the environment and the waste caused by reprinting and disposing of the ‘old’ packaging.

Claire Litchfield

Describe a typical day

The great thing about working at Croft is no day is ever the same. My work is quite varied and can include anything from printing, rewinding, machine over labelling to applying labels carefully by hand in order to ensure exact precision.

What is your main responsibility?

Some of the packaging correction problems we can resolve by applying a self adhesive over label can cost our customers significant amounts in lost margin and profit. Our solutions help to mitigate part of the cost of the error, protect the brand reputation and help to avoid service level agreement penalties. Therefore I think one of my most important responsibilities is to quality check all work to make sure our SLA’s are met so that all work is done to a high standard and dispatched on time, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

What do you like best working at Croft?

Every day is different, we have a good atmosphere on the label printing factory floor and all colleagues have different but complimentary skills and interests which makes Croft a very friendly work place with a good morale and work ethic. 

The other important factor is that Management make it a good place to work too by ensuring we have a good work life balance. There is flexibility offered as to when we can work and the culture is also very caring. Everyone feels able to approach management if we need advice on how to deal with problems we encounter at work or support in our home life. 

What has changed over the last 16 years?

Nothing much has changed regarding the print process, but the pace of life and use of the internet and email has replaced the phone and fax. I think this faster pace has impacted delivery time expectations and most projects have some degree of urgency. Croft has adapted very well to these changes by investing in new machinery and upskilling its people. This has enabled us to be much more flexible and able to adjust quickly to changing customer requirements and industry demands.

What do you enjoy doing out of work?

I mostly spend it having quality time with my partner and two children. We enjoy socialising and listening to music together and I like watching my eldest play football and going bowling with my youngest.

We will be profiling another team member next month. Meanwhile, if you need self-adhesive labels or over printing services please get in touch.