Chicken being carved

Missing defrosting instructions for poultry products leads to repeat self adhesive label order

Marilyn Briggs News, Products

In November 2019 we received a panic call from a fresh poultry packer who was fulfilling orders ready for Christmas. During quality control spot checks, it was noticed that important instructions had been omitted from the label on the packaging of 30,000 goose joints that had been frozen ready for dispatch.

The speed and efficiency of our service was the determining factor in winning this project and we were able to save the day by printing the missing instructions onto two self adhesive labels that were then applied to the packaging. In total we supplied 60,000 labels printed with separate defrosting and cooking instructions.

We believe that one of the factors that has contributed to our 30 years of trading success is that we have a loyal base of customers who use us to re-print orders of the same label on a regular basis as well as our ability to provide an ‘emergency’ response to customers who trust and rely on us to help when packaging errors are discovered.

We were therefore delighted to able to help the same poultry packer again recently when it was discovered that defrosting instructions were missing from the printed cardboard sleeves used as part of the packaging of another product.

In total, we produced 20,000 labels which were printed onto sheets, each of which contained 50 labels. These were then inserted into 400 envelopes which were left unsealed and delivered direct to their customer, who inserted an instructional letter, before sealing and posting the envelopes to their retail outlets.

Our service helped the poultry packer save time and money on the transport costs involving in recalling and redelivering products, the cost and waste of reprinting the entire packaging, and helped them to avoid service agreement penalties from their customers.

Commenting, the poultry packer said, “We remembered how Croft had helped us literally save Christmas, so when we discovered this recent error we were so pleased with the speed and accuracy of their label correction service that we contacted them straight away. We now intend to use them for all of our labelling requirements and not just for any urgent ‘emergency’ over labelling projects. We really value their knowledge and expertise which is supported by the delivery of quality labels at competitive prices.”

If you need self-adhesive labels or over printing services to amend packaging details please email: or call our team on 0115 945 6065.