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We work with cosmetic, perfume and other gift manufacturers, distributors and retailers to help ensure products are labelled correctly.

We also work with leading food and confectionary manufacturers and retailers who require self adhesive labels to display information or seal food hampers and other packaged food related gift sets.

Label types and applications

Self adhesive labels are a cost efficient way to provide key information such as operating instructions, ingredients and any regulatory statements. They can also be used to display promotional offers, prices, bar codes, and health mark/site codes to ensure product traceability.  We can also provide tamper proof seals and hygienic resealable labels to help ensure product safety.

As well as a printing self adhesive labels in a variety of shapes and sizes, we can advise on the best choice of adhesive and help you place the perfect label brief.

With over 30 years experience, we are able to print self adhesive labels for application on all kinds of gift packaging such as cardboard cartons or boxes, cellophane wrappers and plastic or cardboard sleeves. We can also source labels made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Gift Packaging Correction Service

Our packaging correction service is widely renowned. In fact, due to demand for this specialist service we created our own brand called ‘Correctapak’.

We are often approached by marketing, product or packaging managers because they have printed materials, cartons or packaging that cannot be utilised because printing errors have been spotted or certain information requires updating and they don’t want to go to the expense of an immediate reprint. There may also be concerns about the environment and waste of reprinting and disposing of the ‘old’ packaging.

Whatever the reason, we will step in quickly to rectify the problem. By using Correctapak, we solve labelling mistakes fast, without need for further delay.

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