Questions that customers typically ask Croft Printing

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Probably the biggest single thing is how quickly we can get them get back, we have a live job running at the moment, and the customer is asking us if they get cartons to us late on Friday evening what time on Saturday can they have some back and that’s not uncommon, we can actually turn stuff around in the same day if its required. It’s not the norm, but we have done on several occasions, it all depends on what the label is and so forth. It’s not always to do the full amount its usually to get the customer back up and running if they are short of cartons. It’s not always cheaper to over label either but if the difference is sort of short of supply for your customer. I would say cost becomes secondary, it’s not as important so there are various reasons for over labelling products, it’s not always sort of cost related because sometimes the customers just can’t get the cartons reprinted quick enough, so you have to label them.