Promotional Offer Over-Labelling

Case Study: Promotional offer over labelling

Marilyn Briggs News

Croft Printing recently provided an over labelling service for a company in the food sector who wanted to obliterate a promotional offer which was pre-printed onto a range of ready meal packaging sleeves.

A surge in demand for ready meals meant that the food retailer no longer needed to run a promotional offer and rather than dispose of the sleeves, Croft Printing was asked to produce and apply over labels to cover the pre-printed flash.

The timescales were urgent as the food retailer was not sure how long the surge in demand would last. On this basis, Croft agreed to complete 50% of the order within 3 workings days and the deliver the balance 3 working days thereafter. The total volume was approximately 500,000 sleeves. 

Having arranged collection and transportation of the sleeves from our client to our label printing factory in Nottingham, we produced self-adhesive labels for 21 different ready meals. A plain colour over label was requested to cover the red promotional flash already printed on the packaging.  These were machine applied to the sleeves and re-delivery arranged in two consignments back to the client. The quick turnaround enabled their customer to re-stock the ready meals and meet consumer demand.

As is often the case with urgent jobs, the speed, efficiency and willingness to work outside of normal day shift hours meant that the client was delighted we had helped them to meet their customer needs.

Commenting, the supply chain co-ordinator said, “ Thank you for doing this job so quickly. The service has been professional and everyone involved was helpful and committed to meeting the deadline.”

If you have a packaging error that needs over-labelling please get in touch to discuss how we can help.