Printed cartons vs labelled cartons

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It’s like purchasing printed cartons as opposed to labelling blank cartons, a printed carton will always look better, but to get a small amount of cartons printed is very expensive and the issue you have then is you have invested a lot of money into it and if it doesn’t work or you have to change it for some reason or it’s a new product and you just have to tweak something that’s in it your cartons are printed so you’ve had it then, so although it may work out slightly more expensive to buy a blank carton and put a label on it, it’s easier to change that if the need arises.

We have some foil trays to label at the moment, have done some of these in the past. I think they are for mini quiches actually and they only need an identification number on them. We have done something similar for the same customer in the past, it was gluten free labels they were putting on the before, and it was purely for identification on the side of the tray. Again, it’s something different, but we do all sorts of things like that.