Pizza in boxes

Case Study: Pizza Box Multi Lingual Self Adhesive Overlabelling

Marilyn Briggs News

Like many countries, the UK is still on lockdown which has heavily impacted the food industry. Restaurants have been particularly affected unless they’ve been able to establish a take away service and operate the collection of meals within social distancing guidelines. Similarly specialist food supermarkets have seen increased in demand for ready meals and have been rapidly ramping up production.

Pizzas have always been a firm favourite. According to a survey by Statista carried out in January 2019, the pizza delivery market in the UK is worth £2.1bn. In 2017/8, an average of 87 grams of pizza was consumed per person per week: 63 grams from frozen or non-frozen ready made pizzas and 24 grams from takeaway pizzas, which means most people eat at least a slice of pizza every week! 

So it is probably not surprising that demand for this ready meal has risen so dramatically as families enjoy tearing and sharing this tasty and fulfilling ready meal as they deal with the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Last week we were contacted by a food manufacturer who needed help to amend the information on some pizza boxes. This particular over labelling project involved us printing self-adhesive labels which we applied to the back of 60,000 flat packed pizza boxes.

A nuance of the label requirement on this project was that not only did the ingredients declaration information need to be changed, it was translated into French so that the company could also export the pizza boxes to outlets located in France.

This was an urgent job because this company was ramping up pizza production in order to ensure shelves could be restocked to meet demand. At Croft Printing we have the capability to print and apply labels to the packaging, which means we are in control of the whole process end to end and ensures we can guarantee to hit customers timescales.  On this project, we generated the artwork, printed and applied to over labels to the pizza boxes and arranged for them to be delivered in two separate consignments.

This type of project is typical of the work we carry out for a range of B2B companies, particularly in the food and healthcare sectors. Our customers share our ethos of being great at what they do and take pride in how they present products and services in printed materials to their customers. 

If you need self-adhesive labels or over printing services to amend packaging details in order to keep pace with the demand, meet your supplier agreements and avoid penalties please get in touch.