Nutritional over labelling

Case Study: Nutrition panel over labelling

Marilyn Briggs News

The requirement to amend nutritional values on food packaging used to display hot sandwiches and toasties sold in the café of a leading department store has led to Croft Printing being appointed to print and apply over labels.

Like Croft Printing, this company is a thirty year old family business. It specialises in providing a range of food-on-the-move solutions and supplies retailers for their in store cafés, petrol stations, airlines and sandwich bar shops. Depending on the food type, each of their customers can choose from a wide range of packaging options depending on how the product is being served and heated.

The hot sandwiches on this project were displayed in self-service deli-counter fridges in clear packaging with a cardboard sleeve printed with the nutritional facts as required by law. However, a change to the nutritional values required the application of an over label to cover up the incorrect details on the printed sleeve with a revised information label.

This packaging over labelling print project involved us producing two kinds of labels for 42,000 cardboard sleeves.

Due to the intricate nature of the work and the space tolerances of the labels we had to over label each sleeve by hand to ensure precision placement. With only fractions of a millimetre of space available, there was very limited room for the label placement before the information underneath would become visible and highly obvious.

Having produced our quote for the project, the company decided that it was cost effective to go ahead due to the urgency involved in order to avoid production delays and ensure continuity of supply to their customer. Our ability to turnaround the project within the deadline and work at speed were the determining factors.

Commenting on the completed project, the procurement director said, “Thank you for how promptly Croft dealt with our enquiry. You have helped me sort out a problem very quickly and helped us ensure we were able to continue delivering a great service to our customer.” 

If you have a product packaging error that needs over-labelling please get in touch to discuss how we can help.