Natureflex clear self adhesive labels

NatureFlex™ – Environmentally friendly clear self-adhesive labels

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There is growing awareness of the need to protect our environment and reduce indiscriminate use and disposal of plastic items. Using sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging and labels is becoming an increasingly popular request from socially responsible businesses.

When we receive enquiries from customers who would prefer an environmentally friendly self-adhesive label, one of the options we will consider uses a material called NatureFlex™.

What is NatureFlex™?

NatureFlex™ is a cellulose film made by a Japanese Company called Futamura who are one of the World’s leading cellulose film manufacturers.

While most renewable packaging is based on corn, potatoes or sometimes wheat, NatureFlex™ uses cellulose from wood pulp produced on sustainable plantations and is one of the world’s most naturally abundant organic materials.

The biodegradable nature of NatureFlex™ film makes it an ideal choice as a packaging and labelling solution as it helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the print and packaging industry.

Whilst compostable materials are similar to biodegradable materials in that they are both intended to return to the earth safely, biodegradable materials are designed to break down within landfills, whereas compostable materials require special composting conditions.

NatureFlex™ packaging is used extensively in the food and drink industry, mainly due to its resistant to grease, oil and fats. The films are microwave and conventional oven safe.

Self adhesive labels using NatureFlex™

Whilst NatureFlex™  is used extensively in the packaging of products, Croft Printing uses rolls of cellulose film backed with a fully compostable acrylic adhesive to ensure natural breakdown during composting to produce labels.

We have over 1300 different label die-cuts so we are sure to have a label size and shape to suit your needs.

Unfortunately, the rolls of cellulose films only have a shelf life of six months and Croft chooses to only produce clear taper proof sealing labels using NatureFlex™ .

If you need a clear label to apply to packaging which is made from NatureFlex™ or another sustainable material and need an environmentally friendly self-adhesive label to seal or re-seal the packaging at a later date, such as those used for sandwiches, bread products, tea and coffee packets, we can definitely help!

Can we help on your next project?

If you need self-adhesive labels or over printing services to amend packaging details in order to keep pace with demand, please email: or call our team on 0115 945 6065.