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Marilyn Briggs News

Last month we announced a new service as a wholesale supplier of printed packaging pouches in response to a growing demand from manufacturers who need to address a requirement to minimise the use of plastic and reduce the weight of packaging. Additionally, more and more consumers want to bulk buy liquids that they decant into re-usable plastic containers.

Our September order list includes some new client wins that have resulted from poor customer service from existing suppliers who are perhaps struggling to keep pace with demand on reduced staffing levels.

Here at Croft Printing we have continued to work at full strength in order to support our customers. As a BRC Certificated company we are absolutely committed to supporting your team by producing quality self adhesive labels, delivered on-time and in full.

Here are a just a few examples from our September order book:

“Warning” and –“This way up” self adhesive labels!

A surge in demand for more deliveries of liquid products and other consumables that need to be transported and stored the correct way up meant this workshop consumables manufacturer had to replenish their ‘Warning” and “This way up” packaging labels. We printed 20,000 self adhesive labels and an additional 20,000 “warning” labels

Brand name labels

We printed 5,000 D4 self-adhesive labels sized to 170mm x 250mm for an on line seller of industrial supplies. These sticky labels are applied to containers to enable a suppliers brand name and product details to be displayed.

Transport Carton Outer Labels

This is a label type we printed for a diverse farming and fresh produce business which needed 10,000 labels sized to 100mm x 54mm and 300,000 self-adhesive labels sized to 105mm x 70mm to go on the cartons the company uses to transport fresh vegetables and stew packs to its customers.

Watt Rating Labels

Demonstrating our ability and willingness to support short print runs, we printed 5,000 labels to vividly display the ‘Watt Rating’ on some electrical products.

Plain yellow labels for Christmas promotions

This is a repeat order we print every year for a food service company who orders 80,000 plain yellow 99mm diameter labels as part of its Christmas preparations.

Tray Base labels

One of our regular orders that we have highlighted before, but this month we printed over a million of them! Demand for salads and fresh fruits is obviously on the increase!

This is just a brief summary to highlight a small proportion of the many labels projects we have completed this month in order to demonstrate the diversity of sectors we service and the types of self-adhesive labels we can print.

If you have a self-adhesive label print project, or any other label printing requirements that would benefit from the experience and accreditation of a BRC approved self-adhesive label printer please get in touch.