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Marilyn Briggs News

Traditionally, November is always a busy month meeting a flurry of orders that need to be delivered prior to Christmas. This year has been no different, except perhaps we have been a little bit busier than usual as we still seem to be helping customers resolve supply and demand issues causes by the pandemic.

We recently published an article about overlabelling ‘Best Before End’ dates on packaging. We stated that as long as the product had been stored correctly that it might be possible to extend the BBE date on many food items by applying a new label over the old date.

During November we have been doing a large overlabelling project on seasonal products that were unsold from Easter 2020 as people could not go out and buy them as they were on lockdown. After consultation, food standards regulators granted approval for these products to be re-labelled and we were appointed by a leading retailer to remove the existing BBE label and re-apply a new label by hand on numerous confectionary products. This is all perfectly above board as the product has an extremely long shelf life if stored correctly and was in perfect condition.

Whilst we also continued to produce our usual regular repeat orders for rolls of printed self adhesive labels, printed packaging tapes and sheets of self adhesive labels, here are some examples of other self adhesive label printing projects we produced in November:

Quiche box promotion Labels

This retailer needed 40,000 circular labels printing to promote the launch of a new range of quiche. The labels were printed in a highly visible blue colour with the words “I am new” in order to attract attention at point of sale.

Square LQ Labels

The Limited Quantity Label (or LQ mark) is a diamond shaped symbol that is applied to packages to indicate that the products within the combination packaging are dangerous goods that are packaged in accordance with the Limited Quantity exemption. We printed 100,000 labels sized to 69.8mm square which were delivered to a specialist manufacturer and packaging contractor located.

Decontamination Kit Labels

A company that sell mercury spillage kits and other products for medical and dental surgeries, hospitals, schools and industrial laboratories commissioned us to print 3,000 labels which will be applied to decontamination kit boxes. The 60mm x 85mm labels display important information. Remember, self-adhesive labels are extremely versatile and can also be used to show if packaging has been previously opened.

Meal Deal Promotions

We print many self adhesive labels that are used on meal deals produced and sold by ready meal manufacturers and retailers. Our self adhesive labels are a great way to promote the meal deal and any promotional offers such as ‘Buy 3 for £7’. Our sticky labels can also clearly highlight to the consumer which products are the starter, the main course and dessert. This month we printed 67,000 Christmas meal deal labels, 100,000 ‘price promotion’ labels and 40,000 product labels.

Finally, we had our annual BRC hygiene audit and are pleased to say that we retained our AA grade status. Being a BRC Certified printer, means that we are able to fully guarantee the safety of our self-adhesive labels and this accreditation confirms that Croft Printing has fulfilled all the legal and hygienic requirements required by the standard.

We provide self adhesive labels to a wide range of  product manufacturers and retailers across all sectors and in November we also updated our website to further promote our expertise. If you have a product packaging need which you think a self-adhesive label might resolve please complete the enquiry form below.