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Month in Focus: July Self Adhesive Label Printing Projects

Marilyn Briggs Custom Stickers

Driving to work with the air conditioning on full blast, it was hard to visualise dark nights and frosty mornings. But when I arrived at work and I found myself dealing with self adhesive label enquiries from retailers preparing seasonal promotions for Christmas I realised there were only 140 days to go!  So whilst most of us were still contemplating summer staycations, our production lines were printing off promotional labels in the shape of holly berries and snow flakes!

Meanwhile, back to July, here is a summary of some of the more interesting self-adhesive label printing projects Croft Printing carried out last month:

Christmas Seasonal Promotion Labels

At Croft Printing we have over 1200 cutters so we are able to provide reels of labels or apply labels to packaging in a variety of sizes to suit most seasons and occasions. Many retailers will already have been preparing for Christmas for quite some time. This month we printed labels for Christmas cosmetic and perfume gift packs, advent calendars and food hampers.

Site Code Health Mark Over Labelling

We helped a leading retailer who had moved production of its range of traditional gammon steaks to another factory. The change of location meant the site code health mark which tracks where the product was produced needed to be updated on 30,000 packaging sleeves. To mitigate the cost of having to buy entirely new sleeves and avoid recycling waste, we provided an over label suitable for application to packaging that will be chilled or frozen.

Self Adhesive Labels to Cover Stationery & Marketing Collateral Changes

Moving locations and employee changes also means that some businesses have had to update company letterhead and marketing brochures to add or remove names and address locations. When buying stationery and marketing collateral in bulk it can prove to be very costly to simply throw away the outdated stock and reprint new. It’s also not very environmentally friendly. Applying an over label can often provide a cost effective alternative solution. Our ability to match colours and precision apply labels makes this a popular choice as it is often very hard to tell an over label has been applied.

Hand Sanitiser Self Adhesive Labels

The demand for hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial cleaners remains high. In fact some manufacturers are now selling large quantities in 2L refill bags. We have been providing labels for containers of all sizes.

We have also been helping companies to procure pouches for both wet and dry products……we hope to be able to say more on this in our next update!

 Suffice to say, it has been another successful month printing new and repeat orders for self adhesive labels such as precision applying labels by hand to food tray bases, printing tamper proof seals, and producing reels of self-adhesive labels of all sorts of different shapes, colours and sizes highlighting promotional offers or warning instructions.

If you need a BRC approved self-adhesive label printer for your project please get in touch.