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Marilyn Briggs News

December is a short month due to the Christmas and New Year holiday close down, but nonetheless in the initial weeks we were very busy as we worked hard to ensure all orders were completed and dispatched on time.

Here’s a summary of some of the more topical projects we carried out which illustrate our wide ranging expertise printing self adhesive labels and helping our customers to overcome packaging errors.


Finally a Brexit deal was secured but this has meant some leading food manufacturers have made operational changes to both production location and recipes. Consequently, packaging needs to be over labelled in order to update key information such as allergy warnings, ingredients and site code/health mark codes. This particular project involved printing 10,000 Export Health Certificate (EHC) labels. These 110mm x73mm labels were printed using permanent adhesive.


December saw us complete a number of over labelling projects on party food packaging. This was due to changes in ingredients, date changes, barcodes and alterations to sales promotional labels. The food products we supplied labels for included; tiramisu pot labels, labels for the underside of profiterole dishes, quiche boxes, scotch egg wrappers, mini pie packs and trays of egg custards!

We are now gearing up for a new summer event that we hear is gaining momentum and national support – Summer Christmas Day on 25 June. A leading media outlet is campaigning that we set this day aside to have a proper Christmas celebration with family members – we’re certainly excited about the prospect of having a family get together, so let’s keep our finger crossed – hopefully this will lead to a requirement for more food packaging labels, gift box labels and tamper proof security seals!


Whilst this is a run of the mill type of label that we frequently produce, this project is worthy of a mention as it is for a new customer. The company prides itself on sourcing and using food sustainably and ensuring all packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. We supplied 50,000 self adhesive labels which will be applied to the lids of individual salad dressing pots that accompany the main meal. Let’s hope this is the start of a long relationship.


We supplied 55,000 labels and six hand held applicators in order for this customer to apply these 22mm x 60mm information labels to sheets of plaster board.


Peel and reveal labels are often used when space is tight and there is a lot of information to be conveyed. This could be nutritional information, operational instructions or health and safety info. A peel and reveal label enables all information to be printed in a small space and therefore saves the cost of excessive packaging just to provide space for words not product! This project required over 1 million 28.5mm diameter labels which were supplied on reels to be applied to coffee jars.

This is just a brief summary to highlight a small proportion of the many label projects we have completed this month in order to demonstrate the diversity of sectors we service and the types of self-adhesive labels we can print.

If you have a self-adhesive label print project, or any other label printing requirements that would benefit from the experience and accreditation of a BRC approved self-adhesive label printer please get in touch or complete the enquiry form below.