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Month in Focus: May Self Adhesive Label Projects

Marilyn Briggs News, Products

Our monthly summary highlighting some of the label printing projects we’ve recently completed. Our May production lines returned to normal following the surge caused by lockdown, but nonetheless we were very busy! There’s always room for additional orders though if you have them!

Natureflex labels for gift boxes

We did a repeat run of 2.75 million clear labels using a material called NatureFlex™ for a company that is committed to using products that are kind to the environment. The biodegradable nature of NatureFlex™ film makes it an ideal choice as a packaging and labelling solution as it helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the print and packaging industry. These labels were used to seal the film outer packaging on cosmetic gift packs.

Ready Meal Promotion Overlabelling

This is another repeat order for a food service company who wanted to cover an existing price promotion on the outer sleeves of some ready meals. They wanted to pause the offer due to a surge in demand for ready meals which meant they no longer needed to use a discounted sales promotion campaign. Printing the over label enabled them to retain full profit margin.

Hand Sanitiser Labels

We continued to print labels to go on hand sanitiser bottles and containers for both existing hand sanitiser manufacturers and new customers which included gin distilleries. They had recently altered production lines to produce alcohol based anti bacterial hand sanitiser in order to help increase the volume of product that is available for distribution to the NHS, wholesalers and retailers.

Dispensing labels for veterinary practice

We printed and supplied a quantity of bespoke matt white 48mmx100mm labels using permanent adhesive on behalf of a veterinary practice which likes to apply labels printed with their logo to drugs dispensed to animals. The labels are printed generically with the headers for the drug name, dosage, batch number, date and administering instructions and leave blank where the dispensing vet can hand write or computer print the exact details of the drugs specific for each animal.

Tray labelling

It’s repetitive work, but we’re good at it. Each month we print these base labels and our team of precision hand labellers apply labels to the bottom of over 1m plastic trays which are used for small bakery products and fruit. We captured their speed and accuracy in this 20 second video of them at work!

Croft Printing Over label service Nottingham

Whilst May production schedules were still quite heavily dominated by orders from food producers and food service companies, we also continued to produce a number of repeat orders which this month included printed labels which were applied to the lids of chocolate flake products and bespoke labels for gift and cosmetic manufacturers.

If you need self-adhesive labels or over printing services to amend packaging details please email: or call our team on 0115 945 6065.