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Machine overview: Packaging Over labelling

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Machine overview: Packaging Over labelling

Some customers are curious about the technology we use to print labels, so we thought it might be of interest to provide some background about the machinery we use to print and apply self adhesive over labels.

One of the many specialities of the self adhesive label printing solutions Croft Printing has to offer is our “Correctapak” over labelling service. We launched our “Correctapak” service because we recognised that promotional strategies alter, ingredients change and mistakes happen that impact on the packaging of products that are affected.

If these packaging corrections are not dealt with quickly, they can be costly and potentially harmful to your business in terms of lost sales whilst stock is not available. This could potentially trigger penalty clauses in supplier agreements, not to mention the cost and environmental waste that can be caused from having to dispose of incorrect packaging.

That’s why we created “Correctapak”, which is designed to specifically correct errors fast. Our service is about getting your printed packaging back on track by over labelling quickly and efficiently, causing the minimum of delays to your supply chain.

In order to increase our production capacity,  Crofting Printing invested in a brand new over labelling machine from a company that has over 110 years’ experience of manufacturing labeller and labelling machines.

The company is a world leading manufacturer of self-adhesive label application systems and designs and builds high specification, high quality labelling equipment by offering a range of standard and special purpose machinery. 

We approached this company with our specification and the result was a custom built machine to meet our needs. Working with their design team we agreed the base machine and then utilised modular components to add on the specialist functions we wanted to incorporate to handle standard and irregular shaped packaging.

One of the reasons we selected this company is because they have a 24/7 aftersales support service. This ensures the machinery is regularly maintained by experts and any spare parts, should they be needed, are available quickly. By partnering with a reputable manufacturer, we’ve been able to ensure our production schedules are not interrupted and that we continuously meet the deadlines we promise to our customers.

Because many of the environments in which our labels are used require strict hygiene standards, such as food, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, our machine is fully manufactured from stainless steel. This is also enables us to meet the strict hygiene and cleanliness standards that are requirements of being a BRC Packaging Certified Printer.

Our continuous investment in machinery and technology means we are trusted to deliver labelling solutions for some of the UK’s leading retailers. These include M&S, Tesco, Morrisons, Co-op, Asda and Waitrose. We also supply labels to a wide range of clients across other industries such as cosmetics, gifts, vape stores and garden centres.

As you can see, at Croft Printing we have the equipment and expertise to print pretty much anything that needs an over label or uses a label as part of its packaging. If you need self adhesive labels or over printing services to amend packaging details please get in touch.