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In good hands: Leading contract packing in the East Midlands

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Finding the right company to trust with packing your products is never easy. Contract packing seems like a simple process, but in the wrong hands, you run the risk of your products being contaminated, damaged, or even being delayed, affecting your overall supply chain. 

At Croft, our priority is to deliver leading contract packing in the East Midlands. Our skilled, highly experienced team hand-pick every item, ensuring high levels of accuracy, care, and quality. We are used to working with products from a whole range of sectors, and are capable of quickly adapting our packing methods and staffing requirements to suit the demands of each and every project. From cosmetics to household goods, our agile, adept operation is ready to assist you.

Outstanding hygiene standards
We pride ourselves on high levels of hygiene. As part of our ongoing development to improve our business and meet our customers’ needs, we have been upgraded to BRC/IOP High Hygiene Grade AA. Day-to-day our expert packers work with a variety of products within our bespoke clean room facilities. We are just as committed to attaining the very highest safety levels as we are to providing you with a fast, highly precise, value-for-money service.

  • Skilled hand-packers
  • Large, modern storage facilities 
  • Clean room facilities  
  • Experience working with a wide variety of sectors and products 
  • High levels of precision and accuracy
  • Fast turnaround



Why not combine your contract packing with our labelling services? Using separate providers for your printed labels is not only more costly, but also time consuming, too. We have the experience, facilities and skills to combine the two, saving you time and money.   

From promotions and product branding, to information and warning notices, we produce the highest-quality self-adhesive labels at highly-competitive prices. We pride ourselves on the calibre of our beautifully produced labels, which can be created in a variety of styles and finishes, from standard white all the way through to eye-catching foil, matt or gloss, and even over-laminated for extra protection against chemicals, water and UV rays.

One of our most popular services is our over-labelling service, Correctapak, which involves over-labelling errors using high-quality labels. Thanks to the accuracy of the placement and label quality, these seemlessly match the original packaging. If you’ve ever had to scrap a carton or sleeve because of a print error, ingredient, or allergen declaration being incorrect, or you just need to over-label a change of barcode, then we can help.

For more information please email or call one of our expert team today on 0115 945 6065