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Supplier of printed packaging pouches

Croft Printing can supply printed packaging pouches in a variety of sizes with a choice of slide zip fasteners or grip seals. We can also provide pouches with a spout for liquids.

The pouches are available in a number of materials which include recyclable packaging and the option to have different front and back substrates. This means they are suitable for a wide and diverse range of applications.

Applications for printed packaging pouches

There is increasing pressure on manufacturers and retailers to reduce the use of plastic bottles and therefore the use of packaging pouches is growing in demand because they are less bulky, reduce weight and can therefore enable more products to be sold to wholesalers and consumers to buy in bulk.

Some of the products that will be suitable for packaging in printed pouches include:

  • Health and beauty products such as hair products, body lotions and creams
  • Coffee, tea, soft beverages and alcoholic drinks
  • Confectionery
  • Dried foods such as cereals
  • Health foods and protein powders
  • Home and garden products such as lawn seeds and fertilisers
  • Industrial uses such as polish, liquids, cleaning fluids, detergents

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