Intelligent packaging?

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It sounds like you need a very sophisticated piece of packaging to make it intelligent; but in fact, many of the printed elements have been in existence for a number of years. The game changer is the advances in technology and how companies are using this technology to interact with the consumer or their target audience.

Mobile devices are of course the key to fully levering this potential interaction. The ability to scan an image, barcode, QR Code on a smart phone opens up a whole range of marketing opportunities to engage the consumer quickly and easily. Simple barcodes can hold limited information of perhaps 20 characters or digits and are mainly used to identify a product and link it to a price. QR codes, however, depending on size and error correction can hold several thousand characters making them extremely versatile.

Scanning a code with a mobile device can take the user to dedicated information about the product, how it is used, safety information, related products, special offers, recipes and much more.

Use of intelligent packaging will, without a doubt, continue to grow and your customers will want to be in a position to take advantage of the technology that is available. Croft Printing can supply labels that include QR codes and also offer a service to attach labels to existing packaging such as cartons, sleeves, trays, sandwich packs and others.

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