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Hygienic re-sealable labels for personalised confectionary

Marilyn Briggs News, Products

One of the many reasons why our customers are loyal to Croft Printing is that we are solutions driven and will happily listen to problems and try to find resolutions.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, confectionary which can be personalised when sold using iced script would arrive in retail outlets in its packaging. The product would be removed by instore staff who would apply the personalisation and then place the product back in the packaging for the consumer to take home and give as a gift. Often the packaging would have an aperture covered by a fixed clear plastic insert so that the personalisation was visible.

Whilst previously, in-store personnel would have taken all required precautions to ensure the personalisation was carried out hygienically, there was a growing concern that the fears caused by the pandemic might deter customers from buying personalised confectionary.

We were approached by a confectionary manufacturer who was considering packaging options which would allow products to be personalised whilst still in their packaging so that the need for instore staff to touch food products would be eliminated.

They wanted clear labels that only had adhesive around the outer edges of the sticker. It also had to be re-sealable so that once the personalisation has been done, the clear label could be laid back in place to cover the aperture to protect the product.

Our consultative approach has helped this confectionary manufacturer to continue to sell personalised gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, religious occasions and other celebrations such as Valentine’s Day,  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

We are a BRC Certified printer, which means that we are able to fully guarantee the safety of our self-adhesive labels and this accreditation confirms that Croft Printing has fulfilled all the legal and hygienic requirements required by the standard.

If you have a food packaging issue which you think a self-adhesive label might resolve please get in touch.