How will Brexit affect food labelling?

How will Brexit affect food labelling?

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Are you concerned about how Brexit will affect the labelling on your products? Here we guide you through some of the most important changes.

How will Brexit affect food labelling?

The rules for what must be shown on food labels will change for some food and drink products if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 29 March 2019.

When will these changes need to be implemented?
Of these changes, some will take effect from exit day, and others will have a longer period of time before food labels need to be updated. These proposals are subject to agreement with devolved administrations and Parliamentary process. The UK government is aiming to allow a transition period by encouraging pragmatic enforcement for these labelling changes in relation to goods produced or imported and placed on the UK market after exit day.

What about countries outside of the UK?
The UK has no control over how food labelling changes will be enforced outside the UK. EU and other non-EU countries may require the food labelling changes are made sooner than 29 March 2019 to export to their markets. EU and other non-EU countries may require wholly accurate labelling for access to their markets.
It is recommended that companies get advice from their EU importing contact on the EU’s labelling requirements.


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How will Brexit affect food labelling?   How will Brexit affect food labelling?

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