Overlabelling promotional flashes on sleeves and cartons

Overlabels? How we can help over label promotional flashes printed onto cartons and sleeves – over-labelling

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During our discussions with our customers, we have uncovered a problem that some retailers and product manufacturers may not realise that we can help resolve.

The closure of non-essential retail, bars and restaurants has led to more people cooking at home and unable to go shopping for anything other than food. This has increased demand for products such as ready meals which means that some retailers have not needed to offer the consumer as many price promotions – particularly on the sleeves of ready meals that form part of meal deal promotions.  Closed shops have also led to other unsold products and retailers are now finding themselves with product packaging that might be showing out of date prices or other important information that now needs to be covered over.

At Croft Printing we offer a service called “Correctapak” which means we can apply an over label to conceal information. This concealment overlabel can be a plain sticker that blends in with the colour of the existing packaging or we can apply a self-adhesive label with alternative wording of your choice.

We are quite proud of our ability to machine or hand apply the label with precision and we are also very meticulous about trying to colour match to the packaging so that the over label is almost undetectable.

In fact, we are often referred to as the ‘emergency service’ self adhesive label printer who can step in when corrections are needed on packaging, cartons or sleeves. Depending on its shape and the materials the carton, outer packaging, bottles, and other containers are made from, we can usually print and hand or machine apply an over label to cover the error.

We are often approached by marketing, product or packaging managers because they have printed materials, cartons or packaging that cannot be utilised because printing errors have been spotted or certain information requires updating and they don’t want to go to the expense of an immediate reprint. There may also be concerns about the environment and waste of reprinting and disposing of the ‘old’ packaging.

In short, if you have not got the time to reprint large volumes of packaging or do not want to waste packaging and need a fast solution, we have the machinery and a team of skilled operatives who can hand apply labels to help you get packaging updated so that products can be placed back on sale quickly and efficiently.

If you need to cover over prices on printed packaging, or encounter other problems with your labels – please get in touch as we can help.

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