How important is short run label printing?

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That’s another thing, certainly one of the things we do more often now, and it seems to be more prevalent now then we have ever had it in the past is production sites moving so a customer may have half a million at their production site and for some reason they have to move to a different site to produce, maybe only for a week but then the production site code then needs to be changed on that packaging so it can actually be a temporary measure where you can label 50,000-100,000 cartons for someone and its purely just a temporary measure for them whilst they move the production and then they will go back to their own site, but again its far more cost effective then having a short run of cartons done even if you can get them supplied. Production site can change possibly because of a machine breakdown or a line breakdown, it can almost be an instant thing. The site has to change almost straight away so invariably there’s not enough time to get cartons printed correctly so a label is a quicker option.