How has printing evolved over the years?

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It’s just a different type of printing, when we first started 30 years ago, we used to do litho printing, so we would do general stationery and business cards and that sort of stuff. We concentrate more on the labels that we do now, so the litho equipment that we had, we sold off a good number of years ago now and we just carried on with the labels and went down the over labelling route a good number of years ago and I think that’s where we will be staying. One of the things that find with over labelling as well is that it’s not a mistake that causes an issue you can find it on ingredients where a certain ingredient becomes unavailable due to say a worldwide shortage. We had a classic example years ago where a customer had got two to three hundred thousand Chinese menu meals that had all the cartons printed up and there became a worldwide shortage on red vinegar, which was actually an ingredient in the product, they changed it for brown vinegar. It made absolutely no difference to the meal at all, but of course it changes all the e-numbers and the colours in the ingredients, so we then ended up labelling all these boxes over a number of lines. There was perhaps 15-16 different lines of different cartons which we over labelled due to purely a worldwide shortage of red vinegar.

We did an over labelling job for a chocolate company, they had to change one of the chocolates within their pack and something to do with the liquid that was inside the chocolate, that was turning it white, it was bleaching the chocolate, so when you opened the box there was a chocolate that had gone white, there was nothing wrong with it, they were brand new. It was purely whatever was in it that was turning the chocolate white, so they obviously had to change that chocolate that was in the box, and we got a label to put on the back of the box that showed you the different products that were in there. There are all sorts of reasons for over labelling, it’s not always mistakes.