How has Croft Printing changed over the years?

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We have been doing this for 30 years now, labelling, we probably been over labelling no for the last probably 15 years, that was something we fell into almost by accident, a customer asked us if we could over label some promotion labels actually onto some packaging, which we said yes and it was going to be a 50 000 run and we ended up doing 3million before the job finished and it sort of blossomed from that of its own accord, without us having to promote it, and again this was about sort of getting the product back to the customer when they wanted it, this was a number of years ago before there was so much machinery about, a lot of label then were put on by hand, again it was a real bind for buyers to find reliable people to do that for them so again we took the burden of that away from them, obviously we have invested in machinery over the years and this enables us to turn out bigger volumes in quicker times. It’s not always possible to do them by machine but wherever possible we do, purely from a cost point of view.