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How Croft Printing Help Packaging Designers

Marilyn Briggs News, Products

Everyone knows that the design of product packaging is vital in order for it to attract attention on the shelves of retail stores or on websites when customers are browsing online.

Over our thirty year plus history we have become a trusted partner to many graphic design agencies and other printers who specialise in packaging and point of sale materials. When their packaging designs feature a label, we are very often their preferred print partner because we are happy to support them during the design process by supplying small batch runs for prototyping, as well as printing the larger quantities and future re-run orders of self-adhesive labels.

We work with a range of B2B companies, across all sectors, who are great at what they do and take pride in how they present their products and services to their customers.

Self-Adhesive Label Printer

We can produce self-adhesive labels in pretty much any size, shape and colour and currently have over 1300 dyes to choose from in our cutter library. Our labels can be applied to cartons, boxes, bottles, cans, packaging pouches, and cellophane wrapping.

If you need it, we can also offer advice during the design stage to discuss whether the label you are planning is practical and financially viable. We can also suggest the best materials to print onto and the type of adhesive used to apply the label.

If you need something different such as a heart shape or Christmas tree outline, bespoke cutters can also be purchased to meet your requirements. Labels can be provided ready for hand or machine application on reels or on sheets. We also have a dedicated in-house team who can precision apply labels onto your packaging if you or your customer needs extra support.

As well as self-adhesive labels for packaging, we can supply promotional offer stickers, peel and reveal labels, clear seals, tamper proof seals, over labels. We can also print environmentally friendly labels and supply printed packaging pouches and tapes.

Label Correction Service

As well as being visually attractive and practical, the packaging design also has to include important information. This can include site / health codes to ensure supply chains can be track and traced, ingredients information, company information, inventory bar codes, best before dates, sell by dates, disclaimers and other warnings and advisory information.

The majority of packaging designers are well aware of these requirements, but sometimes mistakes and omissions can slip through the proofing process, and if not dealt with quickly, they can be costly, and potentially harmful to reputations.

This is why we created Correctapak, which is designed to specifically correct errors fast. Our service is about getting printed packaging back on track, by over-labelling quickly and efficiently, causing the minimum of delays to supply chains.

Can we print the self-adhesive label on your next packaging project?

There is quite a lot of information we need to ensure we have the exact brief for your label but our friendly team are on hand to offer advice to ensure your project specification and deadlines are met.

For us it’s personal, when we work with you we are absolutely committed to supporting you and your team to achieve the results you need. If we can help on your next project, please get in touch.