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Gender neutrality and product re-labelling

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Product labelling can sometimes cause controversary and never more so when the product can potentially be viewed as being suitable for either gender.

The latest brand to hit the news headlines is Radox, who have announced that they will be removing the word “for men’ from a range of muscle soak products. This follows several complaints that the labelling is sexist in today’s society because it infers that only men will get muscle aches!

Sport is another activity that has been impacted recently, particularly golf. Golf has notoriously been tagged as a gentlemen’s sport, but the women’s game has significantly increased in profile and popularity over recent years and some product suppliers have been caught napping and have had to re-label unisex items such as putting mats and other golf accessories that have previously been labelled as a “men’s putting mat”.

Gender packaging errors corrected

Here at Croft Printing we understand that these issues can create a headache for product managers and packaging designers who, having reviewed their product range to identify products that risk such claims, are now considering the most cost effective ways to update packaging.

If you find yourself with this problem maybe Croft Printing can help?

The self-adhesive label or sticker has so many uses and is a great, cost-effective option to create eye catching packaging and ensure important information is included on product packaging. Croft Printing has over thirty years experience of printing and manufacturing labels in all shapes and sizes. We produce standard and bespoke self adhesives labels for our customers across a range wide range of industries.

Regardless of your sector, if you need labels to professionally present your branding, to highlight promotional offers and price reductions, for shipping, barcoding and inventory identification purposes, to meet product labelling and ingredient legislation, or to ensure products are tamper proof for security reasons, our self-adhesive labels are just the job.

We also provide packaging correction services. Often treated like an ‘emergency service’, we help customers find fast solutions to problems and avoid costly delays in manufacturing or ‘off shelf’ penalties from retailers, saving the environment and waste of reprinting and disposing of incorrect packaging. We are BRC approved and meet all hygiene standards.

If you have a self-adhesive label print project, or any other label printing requirements that would benefit from the experience and accreditation of a BRC approved self-adhesive label printer please get in touch or complete the enquiry form below.

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