Factory upgrade

Marilyn Briggs News

As a specialist supplier manufacturing and handling packaging for the food industry, we are very much aware of the need for our processes to be conducted in the highest possible hygiene standards.  We have therefore just completed the first phase of upgrading our factory site and our processes to ensure we continue to operate within the current industry best practice.

Phase one has been the upgrade of our clean-room environments which have been purpose built to ensure we are able to maintain the highest possible standards when processing hygiene sensitive products through the business.

Phase two is already underway and will see a number of internal structural alterations to facilitate a more intuitive workflow through the whole production area whilst further improving the overall environment and hygiene levels.

At Croft we work closely with a number of food processors and ready meal providers offering an almost unique service that allows our customers to respond quickly to market changes and customer demands in a very fast moving market.  It is not always possible for our customers to have new packaging delivered to respond to sudden changes or an unforeseen product promotion.  In many such cases, our customers look to our Correctapak service which allows them to modify existing packaging to meet their new needs saving time and potential fines for late delivery or out of stock situations.