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Employee Focus: Mark Lockton

Marilyn Briggs News

This month we feature Mark Lockton who is another long standing employee here at Croft Printing. Mark mainly works in the factory and in dispatch, but as you can see is multi-skilled in all operational areas of our business.

Describe a typical day  

I don’t always have a typical day as I have a wide range of duties due to extensive training, but this is also why I enjoy working at Croft so much. One day may consist of forklift driving, and other days might involve helping out with machine overlabelling, rewinding printed work, and slitting material for printing. I might also be called upon to ensure the safe delivery of printed labels when our usual courier services prove to be impractical.

What are your main responsibilities

Over the years I have been trained in all departments so have a wide range of jobs which means I can support all areas of operations. I really like the variety of my role and the sense that I am helping Croft to offer a great service to its customers.

What do you like best working at Croft

Apart from the job itself, which like most work can be challenging at times, my colleagues are a great bunch to work with – we’re like a family and I really enjoy coming to work.

What has changed at Croft and in the print industry

We’ve recently had new machines to expand the business which I think shows a commitment to ensuring we keep pace with technological advances and how well equipped we are to help customers with their self-adhesive label requirements.

What do you enjoy doing out of work

I am very social person and I enjoy dancing, walking, and cycling.