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Marilyn Briggs Products

Like many good products and services our Correctapak service came into being through customer demand. One of our customers had received a delivery of cartons printed with incorrect copy. Printing new packaging would be a huge cost and even worse could not be completed in time to meet the delivery deadlines. This would incur further cost not to mention the environmental impact of disposing of otherwise perfectly good packaging.

The solution gave birth to our Correctapak service. We printed a label on special material to cover up and correct the offending text ensuring a perfect colour match to surrounding area. We then took delivery of the customer’s incorrect cartons and applied the label accurately to the offending area.

The result was an almost invisible fix to the problem with the cartons being delivered back to the customer in time for them to get their product out into the supply chain without further penalty and at much less cost than replacement. Many of our customers now also use the Correctapak service to add a promotional element to standard packaging. For example, 3 for 2 labels can be applied to a standard carton which is much less costly than a special pack print run and implementation is days rather than weeks.

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