Site code health mark label changes

Does your packaging need site code health mark label changes?

Marilyn Briggs News

If your company is rationalising or relocating production to different factories there may be a requirement to amend packaging in order to adhere to track and trace compliance requirements.

When factory relocations are taking place a decision will have to be made as to whether to scrap and recycle the current product packaging and print entirely new packaging or apply an overlabel. Time is very often also a business critical factor if the entire packaging cannot be shipped and re-printed in time to meet ongoing delivery schedules.

Given that the site code health mark is such a small aspect of the overall packaging, companies often turn to Croft Printing for an over labelling solution as this is more environmentally friendly and, depending on the work involved, it can also be a quicker and far more cost effective alternative.

What is a product site code?

The site code is a unique identifier that is assigned to each manufactured product in order to uniquely identify where the product was manufactured. In the event of a faulty product, this unique code helps to quickly identify the origination of the potential cause of the problem and is an important aspect of risk management and health and safety compliance.

Any relocation of production may also impact product code referencing such as:

  • Universal Product Code – the common barcode used to identify packaged products
  • Electronic Product Code – ¬†an RFID code mainly applied as a packaging code for packaged products
  • Motion Picture Production Code (production code for short)
  • Product key, a number used to verify the authenticity of a software as a license code
  • Serial number, a number identifying an item per instance

How can Croft Printing help?

Over recent months we have helped many customers resolve this problem. Another vital aspect of our site code health mark change over labelling service is that we endeavour to colour match and position labels with such precision that very often it is really hard to tell an over label has been applied. We are also happy to send you samples of previous work so that you can see the quality of print.

If you have moved factories and production and you would like to avoid losing profit by having to print new packaging please complete the enquiry form below for a quote to cover the existing site code with an over label.