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Croft Printing team member focus: Gill Comrie

Marilyn Briggs News

In our ongoing series aimed at putting faces to voices, we’ve interviewed Gill Comrie who returned to work for Croft 12 years ago and is now our office manager.

It’s pretty fair to say that Gill is one of the reasons our operations run so smoothly and why we are able to guarantee that once we state a delivery date, we will meet it!

Describe a typical day:

My first job of the day is always to check our e-mail system to check for any new enquiries or order information that may have been received overnight.

I’ll ensure these are logged and directed to the best person to deal with them. I will also pass any print orders to production, check on any orders that are due to be despatched that day, produce the necessary paperwork and book the requested delivery service. I’ll also pre-book transport in advance for larger consignments that need to go by direct delivery.

I often act as the customer liaison point on new over labelling projects as this can be quite time consuming in the early stages of a project. There is generally a lot of information to gather, artwork to approve, stock to order and collection or delivery transport arrangements to book. An important part of this process is to ensure Claire Litchfield and the production team are fully aware of the requirements on each specific project. Over labelling projects are often time critical so it is important to keep a tight control of production schedules whilst also ensuring that the customer is kept fully informed of progress and delivery vehicles are booked on time to meet deadlines.

Keeping customers happy and meeting their needs always takes a priority, but once these are taken care of I will move on to any general and customer account administration.

What are your main responsibilities:

My main responsibilities are to keep the office running smoothly by ensuring we communicate with customers in a friendly and timely manner to ensure their project is processed and delivered on time.

I also ensure the supporting systems and processes are used to track projects, order stock and materials so that everything is logged on the CRM as this helps with accurate invoicing and financial controls.

What do you like best working at Croft

Definitely the team of people I work with. Although our roles may differ, we recognise that we are all important links in a chain of supportive people who work as a team who are all dedicated to ensuring our customers’ expectations are met (and often exceeded!). You’re not on your own if you encounter a problem – we’ll all work together to solve it!

What has changed

Since I’ve been back at Croft over the last 12 years, I think the biggest change has been how most customers now prefer to use e-mail for relaying information rather than via a telephone call.

The company has invested in new systems and equipment to keep up with the demands of our customer base but it shows the 24/7 nature of the customers we deal with that every morning there are a raft of new enquiries waiting for a response.

What do you enjoying doing out of work

I love to spend time with my family – especially my 4 grandsons! I find reading is a great way to relax as I get immersed in a gripping story line of my latest book. We’ve all recently found ourselves getting much more interested in gardening as a result of the recent lockdown! It’s been great fun watching my grandsons learn about plants and taking enjoyment from helping me weed, plant seeds, mow the loan and cut the grass edges.