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Croft Printing Promotional Video – label printing and over-labelling

Marilyn Briggs Over-labelling

Croft Printing Promotional Video transcript
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Tell us about Croft Printing

Ian Briggs, Managing Director of Croft Printing

The biggest part of Croft Printings business now is within over labelling pre-printed cartons, it can be for any product, and it can vary from promotions to ingredient changes, nutrition changes, foreign translations and the one thing that we do try and do as much as we possibly can is to make it look like the finished job hasn’t got a label on it.

I can just show you a sample on here, this was just to cover a pre-printed date, which after the use by date had passed there were hundreds of thousands left over, that were basically scrap if you can’t use them. We try and over label them with a label that will cover the error or the mistake, or whatever it is that needs covering up and we try and make it, so it doesn’t look like it has a label on it. It’s not always achievable, it varies on things because of the opaque material we have to use, it does put a tint on the material so if you are trying to match a cream or a pale yellow, yeah it does come with its own issues. In which case you can actually try and do it with something that will actually compliment the packaging as opposed to trying to cover up and match what’s on there, so it actually looks like a label, and it looks like it should be there.

We can also do things like foreign translation, so if you get products similar to this and they are small quantities its cheaper to put a label on, then it is to actually print up a small amount of glued up cartons.

The promotions type labelling that we do and nutrition, orientation of labels is quite important where a customer will go off and say they will source the labels themselves but if they come in the wrong orientation than that can be the difference between us been able to machine apply the labels or not it also relies on the shape of the carton that it (the label) is going on to.

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