Chaos in December

Marilyn Briggs News

It’s Friday, December 11th, 5.44pm, and the phone rings. It is one of our regular customers and they have a major problem. They supply food products to many of the top supermarket chains, and have just found that their stock of printed sleeves cannot be used because a change of information is required.

We have a busy schedule already but this is an important time for their retailer customers and they cannot get new sleeves in time. A plan is agreed and the first delivery of sleeves arrive with us the next day, Saturday, December 12th. On Sunday the 13th, label proofs go out to the customer. We receive approval the next morning and the tooling is ordered. On Tuesday the 15th, we print labels and begin the process of applying the labels to the sleeves.

The first delivery of corrected sleeves arrives with the customer on Wednesday, December 16th, and over the next few days we continue to supply until they have received more than 500,000 corrected sleeves enabling them to meet their production commitments.

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