Self-adhesive label to cover packaging errors

Can we help re-label product ‘best before’ dates to sell at full price?

Marilyn Briggs News

One of the knock on effects of the coronavirus lockdown was that key events and anniversaries had to be scaled down. As a consequence, many retailers have been left with stock that may have now passed or be nearing its ‘best before end’ date (BBE). This may mean retailers have to offer discounts to recoup some cash, or worse, destroy products and lose all revenue.

If this is the case, we can help you get products back on sale by applying a label showing a new date to cover the out of date information.

The products this might have affected include:

  • Tinned foods
  • Frozen foods
  • Dried foods e.g chocolates and biscuits

According to the food standards agency, used by dates are a safety requirement to avoid people eating foods that could make them ill. You will see use by dates on food that goes off quickly, such as meat products or ready-to-eat salads.

However, best before end (BBE) dates are about quality, and very often, as long as products have been stored according to the instructions on the packaging, the products are still in good condition, and therefore can be safely consumed after the BBE date has passed.

Some retailers may be nervous to make these changes, but as long as the product has been stored and quality checked it is perfectly acceptable to apply an over label to extend the best before end date.

Over recent months we have helped many customers resolve this problem by discussing the best label and adhesive to suit the application.

Depending on the type of finish on the packaging, we can usually apply a label with aggressive adhesive so that should a consumer try to remove the label to see what was underneath part of the packaging is torn or ripped and the information underneath is destroyed. We can also supply labels that cover up other information, not just the best before date, so that the over label looks even less obvious.

We are also happy to test trial samples as part of our service as over time the adhesive can comes more ‘sticky’ and this trial confirms with more certainty that the information being covered over will be obliterated if anyone tries to remove label.

Another vital aspect of our best before end date over labelling service is that we endeavour to colour match and position labels with such precision that very often it is really hard to tell an over label has been applied.

If you have products that have passed or nearing their ‘best before end’ date and you would like to avoid losing profits by destroying or discounting stock, please complete the enquiry form below for a quote to over label them in order to extend the date to sell at full price.