Food packaging over labelling for scones

Bakery fire causes ingredient label changes

Marilyn Briggs News

Bakery fire causes ingredient label changes

As with most labelling correction projects, there is usually some sort of error on the packaging of a product that requires covering up. However, the circumstances behind this project were slightly more unusual. The consequences of a bakery fire had not only meant the production of a range of scones had to be diverted to another bakery, it also resulted in an ingredient change. 

The bakery in question acted promptly to enact its business continuity plan to re-commence production at another facility, but unfortunately a vital ingredient could not be sourced quickly enough and would therefore lead to the baker incurring costly SLA penalties.

The prompt actions that followed involved a trial of new recipes with a slightly different variety of the ingredient. Once a successful recipe had been approved, the race against time began to get the scones baked, packaged and delivered so their important food retail customers could restock their shelves and the bakery could satisfy their service level agreement.

In addition to the ingredient problem, the bakery also found that their usual cardboard tray supplier could not meet the timescales required to produce new packaging. Their customer, the food retailer, had previously used Croft Printing and was aware of how quickly we could provide an over labelling service and recommended us to the bakery. 

As a result, we received an enquiry from the bakery production manager and by applying our problem solving approach we were able to offer a solution and provide a rapid ‘emergency first aid’ level response to their problem.

Subsequently, we were generated new artwork for labels to correct over 600,000 flat pre-printed scone trays onto which we machine applied self-adhesive over labels. This covered up the incorrect food ingredients panel and helped the bakery meet its commitments.

Commenting, on behalf of the bakery, the production manager said, “When at first it looked like a problem getting packaging with the correct information printed on it might add to an already costly business disaster, we were very surprised and relieved at how quickly Croft was able to provide a solution and help us get back on track with our production schedule and meet the terms of our SLA to deliver scones to our valued customers.”